Post Doctoral Research Position in Biological Sciences

The initial appointment is for one year, with the possibility of extending for additional years. The position will be housed in Professor Laura Katz’s laboratory in the Department of Biological Sciences; questions should be directed to The aims of this work include characterizing genomes from poorly-studied and uncultivable lineages, and reconstructing the evolutionary history of both genes and species (i.e. species delineation).  
The ideal candidate will: 1) be a productive researcher with interests in both biodiversity and phylogenomics of microorganisms; 2) have experience identifying  and isolating diverse protists;3) have knowledge of bioinformatic and/or phylogenomic tools; 3) have excellent communication and interpersonal skills; and 4) be interested in collaborating with graduate and undergraduate students in the laboratory. 
Additional information can be found at Review of applications will begin on June 21, 2021

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